Film Composition

Film Composition from a Musician for Hire

Need music for your latest film or commercial? No fear, I’m here to help.
My name is Jonathon Sherrill and I’m a professional musician and composer. I’m an accomplished session musician and live performer and I’ve composed scores for dozens of films. I’ve done everything from documentaries to commercials to dramas. I’d be happy to craft an original score for your project, no matter what the format or genre. I’m now offering my services as a professional film composer and musician for hire through my website.
Film composition is not an easy craft. It takes a different skill set than creating original music because you’re trying to evoke a feeling that fits into the overall narrative of the scene. Describing your own emotions in a way that can be understood by others is hard enough. Evoking the emotions of a fictional character inside of someone else’s work is an entirely different story. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work in many different aspects of the music business. I attended Musician’s Institute for Audio Engineering and I’ve toured and performed as a guitarist for over a decade.
Film composition is just one of the ways I’ve learned to leverage my passion for the guitar to create opportunities. There is something satisfying about working alongside a filmmaker or editor to bring a new dimension to a film with my music. A proper score is integral to creating an impactful film and you need a seasoned film composer to get it right.
I’ve composed over 200 songs in total for various film projects. You can listen to a few of my tracks on Soundcloud to get a sense of what I can do. I promise you won’t be able to find a more convenient, affordable film scoring service anywhere online. I’m an experienced professional who knows how to get the job done. I will work alongside your team to create a sonic tapestry that captures the true essence of your project.
So, if you're looking for a film musician for hire, check out my website. You can get a feel for my style and abilities and let me know if my sound is right for your project. Although I’m open to working with almost anyone, it’s important for the success of the composition that we have genuine creative chemistry. Otherwise, we’ll both end up frustrated. But if you like what you hear, give me a call today. I’m always open to chatting with clients and letting them pick my brain.


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