Guitarist For Hire

Learn to Play the Fender with a Guitarist for Hire

Have you ever thought of learning to play the guitar? Now is the time. My name is Jonathon Sherrill and I’m a guitarist for hire offering basic guitar lessons for beginners. It’s never too late to learn an instrument. If you’re stuck at home this winter with nothing to do, why not put that downtime to good use?
I can teach you how to learn to play a fender guitar like no one else can. By the time you know it, you’ll be shredding like Jimi Hendrix! You don’t know how rewarding it can be to learn an instrument until you’ve tried. It opens up parts of your brain you didn’t know existed and is known to relieve stress and anxiety.
The hardest part of learning the guitar is knowing where to start. I’ve been lucky enough to play alongside some of the best guitar players in the country and I’ve developed my skills through great mentorship. Plus good old trial and error. I’d like to extend that kind of mentorship to other eager music enthusiasts and help them avoid the pitfalls I’ve encountered throughout my career. So, if you’re looking for a guitarist for hire, look no further.
I not only offer guitar lessons for beginners, but I’m also a performer, a recording engineer, and a film composer. Music runs through my blood and I’ve been blessed to be able to make a living doing the things I love. I’m happy to share my knowledge with you and show you how to potentially turn your passion into a new income stream or career. Entertainment is a tough business and I can’t guarantee I’ll make you a star. But I can guarantee that I can give you practical tips and guidance to help you develop your talents. No matter if you want to be the next Paul McCartney or you just want to jam with some friends on the weekends. I can teach you the fundamentals of guitar and show you how to apply these fundamentals to create any genre of music. These are the kind of guitar classes for beginners you won’t find anywhere else.
The beauty of the guitar is that it’s so versatile. Maybe you want to start a wedding band, or you want to upload demos to YouTube. Perhaps it’s your dream to have a song on the radio or maybe you just want a new hobby. When it comes to learning the guitar, the possibilities are endless.
If you’ve tried to learn the guitar before, but quit out of frustration or lack of direction, it’s never too late. You probably just didn’t have the right teacher to show you the proper steps. That’s why I’ve decided to offer guitar classes for beginners, to help students who are eager to learn but haven’t had the proper mentorship to master the craft. When you break it down to its most basic elements, learning the guitar is quite simple. It’s when you try to approach it from the top down, by trying to master the hardest parts first without mastering the fundamentals, that it gets frustrating. So, if you’re looking to learn to play the fender and you’re frustrated by a lack of progress, give me a call.
Learning to play the guitar is far from easy, but with the right instruction, it’s perfectly manageable. Most people think they can teach themselves. While some may be able to, the vast majority will never get over the initial hump of mastering the basics without some help. I’m more than happy to help navigate you through the difficult early stages of learning the guitar. Give me a call today to inquire about rates and availability.


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