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Jonathan Sherrill was raised in the mystic settings of Sedona, AZ. Where his imaginative musical attributes grew to his professionalism of today. Jonathan has been performing for eighteen years. Touring with major and local groups, solo acts and countless recording sessions. Including performing for off-broadway and co-writing for varies musical projects.

Jonathans singer/songwriting abilities are the spiritual foundation that makes him a whole. Jonathan continues to challenge and adapt. Sharing an eclectic verity of genres that span from indie, blues, rock, folk, jazz, psychedelic, rap and much more. Jonathan’s energetic artistry, sultry voice, powerful guitar abilities, and confident stage presence creates a hypnotic evening and have brought his rewards and recognition. He's actively performing all over, bringing an electric, soulful vibe that will make you shake! 



11/26 - Double Mountain Bar - 7pm- Portland, OR


"Doesn’t matter the genre. All that matters is authenticity, truth and a groove that can rattle and unravel the soul beautifully."

Jonathan Sherrill